Good Better Mobile


Smartphone and tablet are our true companions in all aspects of life.
They also play a key role in the vir2store ecosystem – as compact media player or as portable control units.

Imagine controlling your entire location with your iPhone,
adjust the ambient light at the touch of a button
and “throw” presentations from you iPad onto any screen with a swipe.

Hand over the control directly to your customer: Assemble products and transfer them to their smartphone.
Experience products live but in combination with the diversity of online communication.


The future of customer communication is mobile – even at the POS.


Mobile. Flexible. Secure.

High-resolution touch screens, Internet access, a camera to capture environmental data or QR Codes, connectors for external devices and a microphone for speech recognition – Apple’s mobile devices have everything a powerful media player needs.

Install the app – get started!

The easiest – and safest – way to communicate digitally. Including automatic updates and single app mode.

You decide what is played - with a swipe

Mobile media players mean freedom.

You have all information in your hand.  And when you want to share it, you “throw” it – with a simple swipe – onto the nearest video wall or display.

This is fun – and consulting becomes a real experience.

QR Codes and product recognition

The smartphone is the key to the customer!

Build bridges!

QR Codes offer the possibility to call up specific information and to take further steps if necessary. The customer gets control over the depth of the desired information and the leeway where and when he uses applications.

The smartphone as a control unit – a real alternative to a fixed touch applications!

Media product information

Tablets are true all-rounders:

Suitable as an interactive information screen or as a mobile sales assistant, they enrich and expand your possibilities for emotional product presentations – and in a depth of detail never before achieved.

Know what's going on. Even on the road!

Your smartphone becomes a mobile control center.

Checking if the new campaign is running while having a coffee. And if necessary, adjust the special offer at a location.

This is how flexible and controllable your customer communication becomes – thanks to vir2cloud.