One platform, infinite applications


Every screen becomes a stage for your messages.

You are director and producer in one person.

You determine what is played – because it is your show.

Digital Signage Software - ortsungebunden arbeiten

You hold
the reins tightly

Make adjustments. Swap layers, crop, resize.
Everything happens live – on the fly.

With one click, content goes on air – worldwide, on hundreds of screens –
when and where YOU want it to.

With vir2cloud you are faster, more flexible and more creative.

More messages.
More service.
More success.

In the vir2cloud you link your data. Web content, databases, applications.
Everything is relevant, everything is content.

What counts is the message, the concrete interest of your customers and a lot of emotion.

reaction times:
As fast as never before

The contents are created and the schedule is defined.
Everything is distributed and the campaigns are running.
But at one location there is a very special customer requirement…

No problem – interrupt your program at the push of a button.


Play, discover – or discover with ease?

If you want to offer real experiences, you need interactivity.
The customer knows best what interests him.

Gesture control, touch or swiping, opening a drawer or taking a product. Every action, every sensor is another input to which you can AND SHOULD react.

In vir2cloud, you define actions with a click of the mouse.

It’s easy as pie!


The smartphone is the key to the customer. It is his or her personal touch screen, where he or she collects information to process it later.

This screen can also become your stage!