What makes the difference between technical gimmicks and real added value for the user?

Take a look at our success factors:

The right content at the right time

Convince yourself with the latest news and offers.
Emotional visual worlds convey your messages:

Content is King!

Even better if the content is relevant to the current viewer
– here and now:

Context is queen!

Intuitive interface design

What is the most important success factor
of an interactive system?


Interactive presentations require a sure instinct
and a little experience –
for intuitive and frustration-free operation.

Benefit from our many years of expertise!


Beyond the screen

The individual screen is not the limit of your presentation.

Your entire room becomes a stage,
that transports your messages.

Change the mood on site or even
your entire brand presence – with just one click.

Networked systems enable a completely new overall concept.


Know what's going on: control & flexibility

Control thousands of screens?

With vir2store this dream comes true!

Control systems and content from anywhere in the world.
Control campaigns on your smartphone and
react to new requirements in seconds.

It is your orchestra – you set the pace!



Together with our customers we create
interactive solutions specially tailored to the target group. 

This improves communication, increases service
and inspires providers and users alike.

See for yourself!


Interactive services for students –
the largest gesture-controlled video wall in Australia.

A 17.5-meter-wide (42 m2) digital wall and self-service touch screens provide interactive access to relevant information and enable global exchange among the students.


More service – thanks to digital consulting solutions.

Comprehensive and impressive product presentation, even in a small space. Combination of haptic product and virtual consulting experience.

The consulting concept was developed by our partner FULLHAUS together with EUROBAUSTOFF.

Shoe store Zumnorde

A holistic experience – that is the goal of the tradition-conscious family business Zumnorde from Münster.

For the courage and consistency with which the shoe store digitally expands communication at the point of sale in a diverse and innovative way, Zumnorde was awarded the title of Store of the Year by the German Retail Association at the beginning of 2019.